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Examples of Email Marketing templates developed for our clients.
All images and HTML links in examples are static, not dynamic like they would be if the emails where live

But first, a few words about our approach to email marketing:

There are 2 kinds of email marketing - we use both, depending on clients objectives, wants, needs, and other resources.

1) We custom design each of our email client's email templates to build brand awareness. These are sent through a different system then the ASPs mentioned below, for example Email Labs and Lyris. Examples using this method are in the first set below.

2) Using the services of a 3rd party application service provider (ASP) we use existing templates provided by them and custom design them to fit the objectives of the clients email marketing program. This has become a very popular way to develop and distribute commercial email. Services like this are Constant Contact. Exact Target, Vertical Response and many more. Lyris offers this feature as well as creating from straight HTML as in #1. Examples using this method are in the second set below.

Designing for users who scan rather than read is essential for email marketing's survival. Scannability is important for websites as well, but it’s about 50% more important for email marketing. This implies the need for layouts that let users quickly grasp each issue’s content and zero in on specifics. Content and writing styles must support users who read only part of the material.

Email marketing must be current and timely. This is backed up by a report by the Nielsen Norman Group shows that this accounts for three of the four main reasons that users listed for why a certain newsletter was the most valuable they received. All of the following four reasons were given by more than 40% of users:

There is pretty much a “what have you done for me lately” phenomenon at play, where email marketing has to justify its space in the inbox on a daily basis. Having been relevant in the past is not enough. Because of the immediacy of the medium, email marketing must be relevant today and address users’ specific needs in the moment.

Because email marketing build relationships with readers and because it’s so easy to ignore individual issues, email marketing does get some leeway if it is predictably relevant at certain times. During those periods when email marketing isn’t relevant to the user’s immediate needs, the user might simply ignore it rather than unsubscribe. This is important to understand as this example shows:

A speech pathologist at an elementary school said that she could only purchase new products at the end of the school year, and so ignored product-related newsletters most of the year. Still, she didn’t unsubscribe, and simply receiving the sales newsletters reminded her of the brand when she received her budget - at the end of every year, she became a valuable customer once again.

Users will often avoid signing up for email marketing because they feel crushed by information overload. It is the job of the email marketing publisher to convince users that the email marketing will be simple, useful, and easy to deal with.

A predictable publication frequency that is not too aggressive is usually best. We suggest a minimum of once a month. A regular publication schedule lets users know when to look for the email marketing and reduces the probability that they’ll confuse it with spam and delete it.

Also, writing good subject lines is crucial, both in encouraging users to open the newsletter and helping them distinguish the newsletter from spam. We recommend including content from the issue in each subject line, even though it's a difficult job to write good microcontent within the fifty- to sixty-character limit that many email services impose.

These examples are custom designed HTML using method #1

These examples are custom designed HTML using existing ASP provided templates, Method #2

Newsletter for Home Improvement Company

Newsletter for Retail Wine Shop

Promotional Announcement for Billiard Table Manufacturer/Retailer

Newsletter for Medical Billing & Coding Company

Sale Announcement For Recycled Clothing and Furniture Retailer

Sale Announcement For Recycled Clothing and Furniture Retailer

Sale Announcement For Recycled Clothing and Furniture Retailer